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If you are a jazz bassist or if you wish to become one, the Jazz Bass Academy is the place where you will find answers to your questions. Either you want to learn through a complete video course or simply become a member and have access to weekly released video lessons, you will find the package that best suits your needs. Moreover in the online shop you will find many exercises and transcriptions to help improve your bass playing. I have been performing in the international jazz scene more than 25 years, achieved master degrees in jazz composition/arranging and in double bass classical/Jazz performing and I'm very excited and fortunate to have the chance to share my expertise with you and other bassists around the world. I'm thrilled to guide you into becoming a better, more creative and reliable bassist.

Gianluca Renzi

Visit http://www.gianlucarenzi.com and http://www.jazzbassacademy.com
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