Online Academy

My Online Academy is a place for bassists and other instrumentalist or vocalists to learn about Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Improvisation, Arranging, Home Sound Engineering and other topics. 

The academy offers Memberships, Video Courses and Private Lessons Packages for any type of learning experience based on  your available time and your level.

The Online Academy will be online very soon soon...


Membership Packages

- Members portal for easy upload/download experience
- Download 1 video per week + bonus content 
- Upload 1 video per week with your questions e requests
- Messaging always active on members portal
- 1 Online live lesson per month included.
- 3 different plans

Video Courses

Full video training courses on different topics including instrument technique, bass lines, improvisation, arranging and sound engineering. Get your lifetime access password and stay in contact with me for any question.

Private Lessons Programs

Choose your private lessons program. Video audition is required before starting the program to evaluate your level in order to plan the best program for your needs. The program includes a 1h video private lessons per week on skype or zoom, pdf exercises and an open chat for all your questions.

Any questions? Contact me!

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