I’m very happy to be a new endorser of Moollon Basses. I’ve been recently invited to be part of the Moollon family and I’m incredibly happy with the classic J5 than I’m playing. Check these instruments out! They are first class instruments, for real. MOOLLON





09/02/17   Seoul European Jazz Festival – Giovanni Mirabassi trio

09/03/17   Seoul European Jazz Festival – Marc Berthomieux quartet

09/24/17   Bar Next Door (NYC) – Peter Mazza trio

10/17/17 – 11/22/17    Bemelmans Bar (NYC) – Loston Harris trio

11/24/17 – 11/28/17    Sarah Lancman European tour (t.b.a.)

12/02/17 – 12/31/17   Bemelmans Bar (NYC) – Loston Harris trio

02/17/18   SFJazz (San Francisco) – Loston Harris trio

02/18/18   SFJazz (San Francisco) – Loston Harris trio

03/14/18   Broward Center of Performing Art, Fort Lauderdale FL – Loston Harris trio